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MarkaRace and MarkaSub and MarkaSteel-MG Cleaning

Important - treat the surface like you would a pair of glasses - only soft non abrasive materials should ever touch it!

Chemical resistance: You can freely use Sanford Expo Whiteboard cleaner for Dry erase surfaces.   In fact isopropyl alcohol is an excellent cleaner for the boards.   The application of alcohol will not hurt surface and normally would not be needed unless you got some foreign material on the board like nail polish or whiteout.   We do not reccommend any cleaners or disinfectants beside Windex, Soap and Water, Isopropyl Alcohol and Sanford Expo Whiteboard Cleaner.

Permanent Markers:  if permanent marker gets on board write over the area with a dry-erase marker and wipe off immediately.  The dry-erase markers do a great job of dissolving the permanent marker.  You might want to use a paper towel for this and follow it with a cleaning to get get rid of dry marker residue.    DO not try to scrub out marks by brute force or with abrasives.    Also permanent markers are usually stain the cheaper quality boards like melamine because the ink seeps thru the porous surface and permanently stains the wood.    All our dry erase surfaces are of various quality non-porous designs.

Abrasives:  Our standard high gloss finish will suffer permanent damage from the use of abrasive cleaners and erasers that are to hard, do not use such as the bristle type from Walltalkers, MarkaWall and Sky.

General Use:  The biggest problem people have with dry-erase boards is keeping erasers for to long and not removing "dry-marker-residue".   Boards need to be cleaned regularly with an Expo type cleaner to remove the "dry-marker-residue" and erasers need to be cleaned or replaced.   How often????   well, when you go to erase the board and all you get is smearing and its seems that rubbing just makes it worse then its time to clean it.

also see MarkaSteel-MG general cleaning and Warranty and Cleaning and Erasers