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MarkaSubMag Printable -  Replaced by MarkaSubSteel

Magnetic particles imbedded in MarkaSub Surface provide this board with magnetic characteristics -  can hold magnetic tape and Labels - not big magnets

So far this surface is only available on 1/8" hardboard-  it can not be applied to MDF or Steel

Key Benefits..  

  • Our Great MarkaSub surface but with magnetic capabilities
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3

Information about..  

  • 1/8" hardboard substrate stocked in small quantities - large jobs have 2-5 week raw material lead time
  • Full Steel product MarkaSub Steel will be thinner and fully magnetic
  • to get framed we have to add backing which adds to cost


Description SKU # Price
Replaced by MarkaSubSteel

for full magnetic see See MarkaSub Steel