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MarkaRace and MarkaSub are great products but for those applications that need something different we offer

Options to MarkaRace Options to MarkaSub for Graphics


Vinyl Wallpaper
Projection Capabilities unique product
Simple Installation
Great for small jobs - product ships UPS
Single Piece can be 5' by 100' great for continuous runs

There really is no alternative to our MarkaSub line for color graphics with a Quality dry-erase surface.. There are other Manufacturers that laminate a plastic cover over printed matter but this product has a very soft surface, is make to work with WET-erase markers( a damp cloth is needed to erase them) and is in a totally different league when it comes to erase ability, quality, and useful life.   Yes MarkaSub is more expensive but it is the only choice when low quality alminated products won't do.

Ceramic Steel Dry-Erase

Want a 50 Year Warranty on the longest wearing surface available then its P3 or LCS
Boards can be ordered in lengths to 16 ft - one continuous long surface - no seam

50 year fused in single color lines on ceramic steel

For Music boards

for lined planning Boards

go here for Standard penmanship lines, US maps and World maps in Black on ceramic steel


Lowest cost and lowest performance but fits some applications 

Raw Material           
Complete Boards


Framed and Finished Ready to go units go here


Comparison Of Whiteboard Surfaces