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MarkaFlexLowLam the UPSable Whiteboard

MarkaRace Product Line

All these product have our Superior Dry-Erase surface.   The backings are different so that you can get the correct product to solve your application  See Pricing for a quick comparison.     MarkaRace Whiteboard Specification
Surfaces Finish - the standard finish is high gloss and its performance (non ghosting, eraseabilty) is fantastic.  We also offer (special order unless noted) a Satin (Low Gloss) finish which is perfect for multi use applications where you need to both project and use dry-erase markers. The dry erase does take a bit more work but the surface really projects well( in fact its diffuses light better than P3 low gloss). more info at Finishes.    Note all these are available in our MarkaSub (printable version of MarkaRace).
See uses especially ReSurfacing

Hardboard 1/8" nominal and 1/4" nominal  

Lowest price standard is 1/8" in 4x8 sheets

FRP Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Need a Rigid waterproof backing that's .090" thick.

MDF Medium Density Fiberboard

Available in both 1/4" 1/2" and 5/8" thickness
Fancy Bullnose finished edge available in Woodgrain and Black
Keyhole can be put in back for hanging
Back can be unsealed, clear sealed or painted Black or white
Sheet sizes 4x8, 4x9, 4x10    Fire resistant available on special order

Phenolic        also see MarkaFlexLowLam a thinner UPSable product

.060 Material is great for Resurfacing and Laminating to Furniture Perfect for covering chalkboards and damaged whiteboards.

MarkaRaceSteel    -  Replaced by MarkaSteel-MG  
         24 Gauge Steel with our exclusive dry-erase surface

This Product is perfect for Chalkboard Resurfacing and Laminating to Furniture.
It will be priced well below ceramic steel and have a 5 year warranty. 
This product in MarkaSub version is printable- what a great way to make a custom magnetic board.
Our standard stocked size will be 4' by 8'

MarkaFilm - a flexible film with a Projectable and dry erase PearlCoat surface.

A Great flexible film for OEMS's.   In Pre-Production 6/05.  call for samples

MarkaSteel-MG Magnetic 2T bendable  Medium Gloss truly the price leader Main page

MarkaRaceMag - great magnetic surface for unframed units - volume only